Colour Consultation

I am a certified colour therapist and as such am able to offer an in home colour consultancy service.

Initially we will meet at your home to discuss your plans, favourite colours and any specific ideas you have in mind as well as make an assessment of the room, space, lighting sources and what the room will be used for. Once completed, I will provide you with that all important colour advice in order for you to create a new look for your home and enhance your life.

Following the consultation you will receive a colour fan and written specification giving you details of the recommended colours, finishes, along with wallpaper designs and colour ways if required, all of which will have been discussed and agreed with you at the consultation.

All paint, finishes and wallpaper are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers.

The Colour Consultancy Charge is £50 and is bookable in one hour sessions. During the one hour session advice can be given on a maximum of four rooms, dependant on complexity an scale of rooms.

colour wheel

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