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Ideal Home Show

We are all very excited here at the Popsicle Interiors HQ getting prepared for our Ideal Home Show trip tomorrow.

Unfortunately we have missed George Clarke giving his talks from Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces but we are looking forward to seeing the Princes Houses; Full scale eco-efficient houses being showcased as part of the Princes Foundation, for which George Clarke is ambassador.

We hope to bring you news from the show tomorrow, unless the excitement completely takes over us then we will update when we get back in to the office!

If you want to book tickets for tomorrow then we found this discount code MSEMAG worked giving us 2for1 tickets on the door.


Brick Work

Ever since I can remember I have loved Lego. Building parts of a gigantic city made out of brightly coloured bricks has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old.

Last night the BBC aired The Culture Show: The Building Block of Architecture, hosted by Tom Dyckhoff, from the Great Interior Design Challenge. The programme was insightful and without it I don’t know how long it would have taken me to realise the connection between real world architecture and the toy I grew up with.

Featured in the programme is Bjarke Ingels ; a Lego inspired architect who uses Lego as “a 3D sketch tool”. Ingels is a well-respected architect and has worked on many high profile projects.

His project Zira Island, Azerbaijan is a carbon neutral resort and residential development.  The development uses solar panels, photovoltaic cells (technology that converts light directly in to electricity), waste water and rainwater. The design of the development is based upon the landscape of the area; it has what looks like mountain peaks to mimic the mountain range of the region.

Ingels has also had the privilege of designing the “Lego House” in Billund, Denmark the building, shaped like a stack of Lego bricks, is to incorporate exhibition areas, a café and retails areas. The plans were unveiled in 2013 and is planned to be built this year and is expected to attract 250,000 visitors per year.

Closer to home the programme depicted No.1 Poultry in Cheapside, London as a Lego inspired building. The architect James Stirling took on the project in 1988 and the building was constructed in 1997. The building is an amalgam of geometry and materials; most notable are the bands of pink and yellow limestone which run around the whole building.

Today there are 9000 types of different bricks available in varying different colours, shapes and sizes. The Lego Company has made the link between architecture and their product base now reflects this. Available to buy now because of this realisation is the ‘Architecture’ series of Lego sets for well-known buildings like Big Ben, The Empire State Building and Brandenburg Gate and the Architecture Studio which is a set compromising 1200 Lego bricks and an inspiration book for budding architects.

The programme reported that in 2019 there will be more Lego mini-figures on the Earth then human people. What an exciting prospect!


Lego House, Billund

Lego House, Billund






The Final Challenge

The night is finally upon us… It is the final of The Great Interior Design Challenge! For this audacious occasion I had all the obligatory celebratory snacks – popcorn, double decker and of course to wash all this down a much needed full-fat coke!

For this final challenge the two contestants; Sarah and #TeamJordon, were in grand Liverpool Georgian homes and had the momentous task of redesigning a hallway, front room, guest room and a child’s room. At least the budget had gone up to £4400 and they had the help of a chosen friend, two builders and a decorator.

Again I think Jordon had the easiest of the houses to make over. His clients had a blank white box and were easy with his suggestions, having no style choices of their own that they wanted reflected in their makeover. Sarah’s clients had a strong sense of what they wanted from the makeover but also already had a well presented house with their personality reflected in it.

#TeamJordons makeover was, like all his past ones, well thought and executed. For this challenge though he had such strong unique ideas that outshone his past makeovers. The room of his that I favoured out of the four was the child’s bedroom he made over, this was simply a perfect girl’s bedroom, in my mind!

Unfortunately though #TeamJordon was outshone by Sarah and she was ultimately chosen as the winner by Sophie and Daniel.

Sarah’s makeover which included placing an old church statue of Mary in the hallway, a pool table in the family room, a car chute in the child’s room and an ingenious peg and shelf system round the entirety of the guest room was a deserved winner.

Goodbye The Great Interior Design Challenge – hopefully see you in 2015!


The Great Interior Design Challenge comes to Brighton

The show currently being aired on BBC2 is proving to be compulsive viewing in my house.  I am an addict! The host Tom Dyckhoff (architectural historian) astounds the viewing audience with his architectural knowledge and presents the rooms to be made over to the contestants then the glamorous judges; Sophie Robinson (interior design journalist) and Daniel Hopwood (interior designer) judge the made over rooms.

Imagine the excitement in my house when the show opened and the backdrop to Tom Dyckhoff’s opening is Regency Square!

The contestants for Brighton week were; Jordon a 30 year old café owner from South London, Alice a 37 year old mum from Lewes and a 44 year old business woman Jenny from Cornwall.  The rooms that these contestants had to make over were huge living areas in Regency Square properties.

Personally, I think Jordon had the easiest room, an already blank canvas of a living room. Alice had the hardest room, it was the largest of the three large rooms and situated within a rented property so she was restricted by the landlord to use muted colours on the wall and not replace some fixtures and fittings, this partnered with the room needing to be split and used for a few different purposes I believe was unfairly tricky. Jenny had it far from easy too, having to update a kitchen as well as the attached living room with the meagre £1000 budget.

However you cannot take anything away from Jordon’s winning room (Spoiler Alert!). His ideas were unique, immaculately executed and as the judges stated he totally understood the brief the client gave him and RAN with it! The mural, the paint effects and oh the colours! His room totally had the X-Factor!