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Colour Sells…

February is upon us and the property market is thankfully picking up, queue sighs of relief from estate agents everywhere, so to make sure your home is one of the first of 2017 to get snapped up and you are one of the lucky movers, what colour should your home be?  Yes you did read that right – what colour should your home be?  When purchasing a home all factors pale in comparison to the ‘feeling’ a potential buyer first gets when they walk through the doors and there is no better way to create good feeling in a home then using the right colours.

Contrary to developers and landlords continued belief magnolia and cream are no longer the neutrals to use. Grey is still very much in favour with everyone and with so many tones available you will be able to find one that suits your home. Brown is ‘allegedly’ the big neutral of 2017, and is set to replace the oh so popular grey, because of the sense of warmth and comfort it produces. To give a sense of harmony through your home use the same neutral colour through out, remember though you are still able to choose different shades. Accent your rooms using varying colours on walls, wall art and accessories.

When adding colour remember you are selling your home, yes you have to live with it whilst you are selling so don’t choose a colour that you hate or doesn’t feel right but do choose colours that are light, modern and, of course, that will appeal to other people.  Green is a versatile colour that promotes harmony and balance, so will automatically put a person at ease – perfect for selling your home. Pantone recently made ‘greenery’ its colour of the year so using this shade of green will show potential buyers you keep your home up to date. Pantone have also, thoughtfully, put up palettes on their website with ‘greenery’ and its various complimentary colours, use these palettes as a guide to help create a good sense of flow through your home.

Having rectified the interior please do not forget the exterior, you do have to get these potential buyers through the front door after all. White has always been a very popular house colour choice it is; crisp, clean, pure and protects against negative thoughts and feelings. So, like the greenery inside, it will make potential buyers feel at ease and positive about the house instantly.

If you would like any further help or information on colour therapy in the home or getting your home market ready please do contact Rachelle at the Popsicle Interiors Studio:

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The ‘Florida Room’

florida colours

Popsicle Interiors is well known for it’s use of colour and vintage inspired pieces in its room designs and we are definitely going to be injecting our ‘Florida Room’ with both of these.

Google 1960’s Florida and your screen will be filled with vibrant, fun pictures rich in colour and life, but showing the relaxed attitude of the time. Researching the architecture, postcards, wallpaper and fashion of the time, the magic three colours we are going to use in our Florida room are tones of green, pink and yellow.

Studio Product Shots         dulcinea

We are going to be infusing our room with fun using accessories; cushions, lighting, art and what every room in a hot climate needs – a fan!

fancushion            lamp


The furniture chosen to compliment the décor is, a nod to our vintage roots but, entirely modern, classic cane furniture with neutral covers.

cane chair

To bring the room to life we will use plants representative of the Florida greenery, our favourites are cycus palm and cordyline.

cordyline plant           cycus palm tree


You can view the Popsicle Interiors ‘Florida Room’ mood board on our pinterest page.


Now you have fallen in love with our Florida sitting room, lets go shopping!

Wallpaper – Sanderson

Paint – Valspar

Flamingo Fan –

Lamp – Homeworks Design Store

Cushions – Brian Walsh Ebay Store

Cane Furniture – Coast


Thank you to Florida Real Estate for the inspiration!



Think Of Nothing Else!

Popsicle Interiors is coming up to its first birthday and as with any anniversary there is a tendency to reassess and reconsider. So of course the question; “Is Popsicle Interiors something that I should continue with”? and the doubt that comes with this question appears in to my mind.

When I think about what I do, when I consider whether I am in the right ‘business’ and whether I am willing to commit time and energy to ‘this’, what comes in to my head is a quote from Letters To A Young Poet by Reilke, which also happened to be used in Sister Act 2; “When you wake up in the morning and you can think of nothing else but writing then you’re a writer”.

When I wake up in the morning I think of Popsicle Interiors, I think about what I have achieved so far with the brand and what the business is going to evolve in to. I live and breathe interiors and style; I am constantly researching designers and products from the mid-century, looking for companies who salvage, upcycle, recycle, looking for people who share the same ideologies as me.

Then I know that I am an interior designer… just not an average one!

There are alternatives to buying new, to throwing away the old, to waste within the world of interiors. There is an ever increasing amount of designers who use ecologically friendly materials and manufacturing to produce items, there are companies who mass produces ecologically friendly paint and wallpaper, there are salvage yards, second hand shops, vintage fairs where you can find the key pieces to place within a clients’ home/office/commercial space.

Designers are looked up to as leaders; we should be responsible for what we promote to those who ‘follow’ us. The only future we have is a sustainable one so be mindful of this… always.
Popsicle Interiors is evolving past its first anniversary into something I am very proud of, so to my supporters, from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you,
Rachelle at Popsicle Interiors

Judys Affordable Vintage Fair

On a boiling hot Sunday in September I visited the new style ‘Open Market’ on Brightons’ London Road. The sign at the door suggested that today the market may have a few more exciting finds then the usual inside!

Judys Vintage Fair were visiting and how did I not know this!  I have  been a fan of this travelling vintage fair for a few years now and am no stranger to having to go to great lengths to visit it! For those of you who are not educated on all things vintage, Judy’s is in its 9th year now and as far as my eye can see it is going from strength to strength and literally popping up everywhere! And all this from one woman’s frustration of having ‘nothing to wear’… Her words not ours!

Vintage Fair sign Brighton

 The swinging tones of ‘The Wind Ups’ were also in attendance with Judy’s. They had prime spot at the entrance to the market, enabling their swinging tunes to be heard and enjoyed across the whole event.

vintage music stall

What’s that you say? Vintage scarves at a bargain price. Don’t mind if I do… I shall have 10, maybe another 10, maybe I should leave before I am spent!

vintage scarves brighton










Another favourite stall of mine was the jelly bag stall. The stall took me right back to my childhood, one of my first memories is of my neighbour who was a few years older then me so ‘cool’ by age, who stored her wool in a light blue one! So I had, I repeat HAD, to pick up a few!

vintage jelly bags

If you like your bargains vintage, I would definitely recommend this fair. The only negative point about the whole event was the size… I always want my vintage fairs to be bigger!

Open Eco Houses

The Worthing Eco Open Houses trail has become quite the popular event and the 2014 trail was a biggy!

I’ts inspiring to see what normal people have put in to their normal homes to make them eco-efficient. A prime example on thus years trail for me of normal eco-efficient was the home of  Rosa and Molly on Langbury Lane. Mother and daughter have made low cost improvements to their home to bring about huge changes to their energy costs and carbon imprint. Here at Popsicle interiors our favourite of their improvement is the addition of two chickens to their home!

The one building I was absolutely super duper no words to describe it excited to see was the building on Lancing’s Beach Green. This building has been an unfinished eyesore (just being honest!) in the community since 2007 when the original owners took on the huge project to transform a pub, arcade and bungalow in to a restaurant.

In 2011 the Hole family bought the building and changed the plan for the building. The family have a commercial history in solar panels so for them the natural way forward with the building was to make it an eco building, the architect behind this green vision and exciting development is Bill Dunster from ZEDfactory. What the building is to become has also changed from the original restaurant plan, instead the building will now house 3 apartments on the first floor and on the ground floor will be a cafe and a water sports centre.

As a Lancing resident there is but one word to describe the plans for this eyesore…. Great!

The Future

The Future

The Final Challenge

The night is finally upon us… It is the final of The Great Interior Design Challenge! For this audacious occasion I had all the obligatory celebratory snacks – popcorn, double decker and of course to wash all this down a much needed full-fat coke!

For this final challenge the two contestants; Sarah and #TeamJordon, were in grand Liverpool Georgian homes and had the momentous task of redesigning a hallway, front room, guest room and a child’s room. At least the budget had gone up to £4400 and they had the help of a chosen friend, two builders and a decorator.

Again I think Jordon had the easiest of the houses to make over. His clients had a blank white box and were easy with his suggestions, having no style choices of their own that they wanted reflected in their makeover. Sarah’s clients had a strong sense of what they wanted from the makeover but also already had a well presented house with their personality reflected in it.

#TeamJordons makeover was, like all his past ones, well thought and executed. For this challenge though he had such strong unique ideas that outshone his past makeovers. The room of his that I favoured out of the four was the child’s bedroom he made over, this was simply a perfect girl’s bedroom, in my mind!

Unfortunately though #TeamJordon was outshone by Sarah and she was ultimately chosen as the winner by Sophie and Daniel.

Sarah’s makeover which included placing an old church statue of Mary in the hallway, a pool table in the family room, a car chute in the child’s room and an ingenious peg and shelf system round the entirety of the guest room was a deserved winner.

Goodbye The Great Interior Design Challenge – hopefully see you in 2015!


The Great Interior Design Challenge comes to Brighton

The show currently being aired on BBC2 is proving to be compulsive viewing in my house.  I am an addict! The host Tom Dyckhoff (architectural historian) astounds the viewing audience with his architectural knowledge and presents the rooms to be made over to the contestants then the glamorous judges; Sophie Robinson (interior design journalist) and Daniel Hopwood (interior designer) judge the made over rooms.

Imagine the excitement in my house when the show opened and the backdrop to Tom Dyckhoff’s opening is Regency Square!

The contestants for Brighton week were; Jordon a 30 year old café owner from South London, Alice a 37 year old mum from Lewes and a 44 year old business woman Jenny from Cornwall.  The rooms that these contestants had to make over were huge living areas in Regency Square properties.

Personally, I think Jordon had the easiest room, an already blank canvas of a living room. Alice had the hardest room, it was the largest of the three large rooms and situated within a rented property so she was restricted by the landlord to use muted colours on the wall and not replace some fixtures and fittings, this partnered with the room needing to be split and used for a few different purposes I believe was unfairly tricky. Jenny had it far from easy too, having to update a kitchen as well as the attached living room with the meagre £1000 budget.

However you cannot take anything away from Jordon’s winning room (Spoiler Alert!). His ideas were unique, immaculately executed and as the judges stated he totally understood the brief the client gave him and RAN with it! The mural, the paint effects and oh the colours! His room totally had the X-Factor!


New Year New Interior

Happy New Year from Popsicle Interiors!

Whilst you have been enjoying a well-deserved break we have been scouring the internet to find new trends industry experts have picked to be big in 2014.

1 2014 will be the year of the strong colour. Apparently we will all be leaving the beiges and greys behind in 2013 in favour of deep colours like Navy and Plum. Navy is destined to be the new neutral colour on the block able to be placed with any colour. Popsicle Interiors suggest that if you are too scared to do big blocks of navy on your walls then start with a key piece of furniture.

2 Personal eclecticism will be the room theme or non-room theme as it were! Moving away from strong room categories like ‘urban’ and ‘rustic’ and having nic-nacs for the sake of having nic-nacs. We will all have rooms that speak to us as individuals and the only nic-nacs we have will be our meaningful pieces from our own collections and photo’s.

3 Keeping with the theme of moving away from ‘matchy matchy’ rooms we will have fresh lively rooms. Accents of colour will bring a monotone room to life in 2014! Place bright chromatic splashes over unsaturated tones to create yourself a lively room that will perk you up every day you enter it.

4 Wooden furniture in 2014 will be light wood with honey tones, moving us all away from the dark woods like mahogany and cherry. The light woods will have the ability to blend in to any rooms’ colour scheme and will seem unfussy and light compared to their dark wood counterparts.

5 Floral prints are still in vogue and the thought is that they will continue to be so for a long time to come yet. In 2014 we will all have to be brave with our floral prints and mix colours and design to create the modern look.

6 Natural elements will be incorporated in to fabrics and furnishings. Cowhide, in particular, is set to be big! Variations of it in all colours and applications will be making appearances everywhere.

7 Pineapples have been seen on the catwalk, at design exhibitions and on prints. This fruity shape is predicted to be all over our homes in 2014.

8 If 2014 is the year you will be starting or extending your art collection the advice is to move away from the average framed print and choose sculptural wall pieces that will add texture and dimension to your walls.

9 At the window we will be putting up sheers; transparent, fresh, bright and light they will create mood without sacrificing privacy or light. The expert’s material of choice for their window sheers would be wool or linen.

10 2014 looks set to be the year of the man. The home will reflect the male members that reside inside it this year with man caves being moved from the basement or garage to a multi-functioning high tech space inside the home.  The urinal will also be making an appearance in the home bathroom this year, although Popsicle Interiors is not quite convinced of this!

Whatever you do to your home this year, enjoy it!