The Day Computers Took Over The World

Everyone who reads my Blog, follows me on Twitter, likes me on Facebook or even ACTUALLY knows me in real life, knows I love what I do. I have a garage full of vintage furniture, a sketchbook full of interior drawings, a camera full of inspiring images and a brain full of creative ideas.

This is enough to produce the most desired home and commercial interiors, this is enough to please even the most ‘difficult’ of customers, so when was it decided that actually what was needed was to be a computer ‘whizz’ ! I have not seen one advertisement for an in-house interior designer this year that did not require one or all of these computer programmes to be part of your skills base : Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino or AutoCAD, SketchUp, Computer Rendering (3D Studio Max, Artlantis, V-ray, and/or etc). WHY?

If you can pick up a pencil, if you have paper, you can do this… and you can probably do it better then a computer. Don’t get me wrong, as I stated at the beginning of the post, I love my technology, I love social media, I love learning new things, but I do not get the same satisfaction sitting down with my IPad placing computer generated furniture into positions within a computer generated rooms – Give me pencils, pens and paper and I will be in interior design heaven!

I am not saying you shouldn’t have the skills, that you can’t have the skills or that computers can’t be your preference, but I am saying you shouldn’t HAVE to have them! It is my belief companies are missing out on the opportunity to work with some greats artists in the field of interior design because of the HAVE to attitude on knowledge of certain computer programmes.

It is a fact that pencil on paper fashion drawing is making a huge comeback in 2015 let’s do the same for interior design drawing!


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