The Great Interior Design Challenge comes to Brighton

The show currently being aired on BBC2 is proving to be compulsive viewing in my house.  I am an addict! The host Tom Dyckhoff (architectural historian) astounds the viewing audience with his architectural knowledge and presents the rooms to be made over to the contestants then the glamorous judges; Sophie Robinson (interior design journalist) and Daniel Hopwood (interior designer) judge the made over rooms.

Imagine the excitement in my house when the show opened and the backdrop to Tom Dyckhoff’s opening is Regency Square!

The contestants for Brighton week were; Jordon a 30 year old café owner from South London, Alice a 37 year old mum from Lewes and a 44 year old business woman Jenny from Cornwall.  The rooms that these contestants had to make over were huge living areas in Regency Square properties.

Personally, I think Jordon had the easiest room, an already blank canvas of a living room. Alice had the hardest room, it was the largest of the three large rooms and situated within a rented property so she was restricted by the landlord to use muted colours on the wall and not replace some fixtures and fittings, this partnered with the room needing to be split and used for a few different purposes I believe was unfairly tricky. Jenny had it far from easy too, having to update a kitchen as well as the attached living room with the meagre £1000 budget.

However you cannot take anything away from Jordon’s winning room (Spoiler Alert!). His ideas were unique, immaculately executed and as the judges stated he totally understood the brief the client gave him and RAN with it! The mural, the paint effects and oh the colours! His room totally had the X-Factor!



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