New Year New Interior

Happy New Year from Popsicle Interiors!

Whilst you have been enjoying a well-deserved break we have been scouring the internet to find new trends industry experts have picked to be big in 2014.

1 2014 will be the year of the strong colour. Apparently we will all be leaving the beiges and greys behind in 2013 in favour of deep colours like Navy and Plum. Navy is destined to be the new neutral colour on the block able to be placed with any colour. Popsicle Interiors suggest that if you are too scared to do big blocks of navy on your walls then start with a key piece of furniture.

2 Personal eclecticism will be the room theme or non-room theme as it were! Moving away from strong room categories like ‘urban’ and ‘rustic’ and having nic-nacs for the sake of having nic-nacs. We will all have rooms that speak to us as individuals and the only nic-nacs we have will be our meaningful pieces from our own collections and photo’s.

3 Keeping with the theme of moving away from ‘matchy matchy’ rooms we will have fresh lively rooms. Accents of colour will bring a monotone room to life in 2014! Place bright chromatic splashes over unsaturated tones to create yourself a lively room that will perk you up every day you enter it.

4 Wooden furniture in 2014 will be light wood with honey tones, moving us all away from the dark woods like mahogany and cherry. The light woods will have the ability to blend in to any rooms’ colour scheme and will seem unfussy and light compared to their dark wood counterparts.

5 Floral prints are still in vogue and the thought is that they will continue to be so for a long time to come yet. In 2014 we will all have to be brave with our floral prints and mix colours and design to create the modern look.

6 Natural elements will be incorporated in to fabrics and furnishings. Cowhide, in particular, is set to be big! Variations of it in all colours and applications will be making appearances everywhere.

7 Pineapples have been seen on the catwalk, at design exhibitions and on prints. This fruity shape is predicted to be all over our homes in 2014.

8 If 2014 is the year you will be starting or extending your art collection the advice is to move away from the average framed print and choose sculptural wall pieces that will add texture and dimension to your walls.

9 At the window we will be putting up sheers; transparent, fresh, bright and light they will create mood without sacrificing privacy or light. The expert’s material of choice for their window sheers would be wool or linen.

10 2014 looks set to be the year of the man. The home will reflect the male members that reside inside it this year with man caves being moved from the basement or garage to a multi-functioning high tech space inside the home.  The urinal will also be making an appearance in the home bathroom this year, although Popsicle Interiors is not quite convinced of this!

Whatever you do to your home this year, enjoy it!





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